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Sunday, March 28, 2010


I had so much fun writing for the PG LOVE SCENE BLOGFEST that I wanted to have my own blogfest. So, if you are interested, here are the deets:

1)To enter, you must be a follower on my blog and tweet about the blogfest!
2) Write a short scene (no more than 500 words) about receiving a first kiss.
3) Post the scene on your blog by April 10th.
4) Give me the link to your blog in the comments below.
5) I will post all the links in a blog on April 10th for people to peruse!

Happy Writing and have fun!!!


  1. Kinda busy, but sounds like fun.

    You call it a contest, will there be a winner?

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  3. Should have put blogfest, not contest. I guess the prize is more people visiting your blog! I will revise that word! Thanks Claire!

  4. Absolutely will do my best to take part in this as well as the murder scene blogfest!

  5. Good job Mrs. Dean, you are doing great on your book!!! I really do hope it gets published! And how many rejections have you gotten? I cant imagine how much it stinks for somebody to say "No", I personally think it is really good.
    (P.S, don't kill me if I spelt any words wrong!) :)

  6. Thanks, Jordan! If it ever is...it's dedicated to you! You have been its cheerleader from the start! You ROCK!!

  7. Rock on! I have become obsessed with blogfests! Saw a tweet about this one so here I am!

    I am following you, tweeted about it, and I put a link on my blog too! Can't wait!

  8. Opps, forgot to give a link!


  9. Harley,

    Can't wait to read your submission! Spread the word!

  10. Hmm...may have to dig for this one.
    Suggestion: Add an auto-link widget so you don't have to post things yourself...most people won't have a link until that day and it would save a huge headache. Check out simply-linked.com for an easy one.

    Also, I just announced my Bad Girl Blogfest!
    http://blog.dawnsrise.com/2010/04/announcing-bad-girl-blogfest.html for May 7!

  11. Kewl, I see the widget.
    Is it someone's first kiss ever or a couple's first kiss between them?
    Do you have a specific Twitter hash tag in mind? #firstkissfest?

  12. It can be any first kiss, so all of the above! Yes, Twitter hashtag is #firstkissblogfest!

  13. Looking forward to the blogfest. Mentioned it on twitter already but will probably do it again. I have my scene all ready, it's from the first chapter of the novel I just finished writing at the beginning of this month.

    Great blogfest and look forward to reading everyone's entries.

  14. Sis,you know how much i already love Leo....looking forward to seeing this published.Great Job, I can't wait to read book two!

  15. I posted my entry in my blog. I didn't do a word count but it's really not very long.