Leo's Angel Oak Tree

Monday, March 15, 2010


I was scrolling around twitter the other day, and I found a blog that is hosting a PG Love Scene Blogfest. I thought that this might be really fun. So here is my scene. I hope everyone enjoys it:

I awoke to an unfamiliar setting, snuggled and curled up to Leo's bare chest. My right hand laying gently on his cross tattoo. He was breathing slowly and melodically, his chest heaving up and down very smoothly, no more stress lines marking the most perfect of faces. Casually, I let my fingertips trace the perimeter of his inking, and I marveled at its smoothness.

Leo was the most perfect creature imaginable. His honey skin practically glowing in the irridescent light coming from the bedroom window. I deliberately let my fingers trail downward, brushing my tingling skin over the hardness of his stomach muscles, perfectly scultped and lean. My fingers probed further, shamelessly, circling around the soft flesh of his belly button, and I felt him breathe harder.

Leo rolled over closer to me, his hand pulling me intimately tighter to him, his eyes still closed but his lips waking enough to kiss my hair. I pressed my ear to his chest and listened to the rhythmic beating of his heart.

"Good Morning, Love." Leo whispered. I thrilled to his words.

"It is a good morning, isn't it." I stated. I propped myself up on one elbow, leaning across his abdomen. He looked down at me from his pillow, his blue eyes sparkling.

"Every day waking up with you is good, so yes it is." He managed to muster quietly, trying not to wake anyone with our chatting.

In all actuality, Leo wasn't supposed to be in this room with me at all, but we couldn't help breaking the rules to see each other. It's not that we wanted to break the rules, necessarily, but others couldn't take our happiness in large doses.

"What are you thinking about?" Leo asked, keeping his promise to not listen to my thoughts.

"Nothing, just wishing I didn't have to go home today." I cuddled tighter to him and wrapped my feet around his for warmth. Leo was always so warm.

"Well, it is Christmas Eve. You should be with your parents, and I won't be far, I promise." He vowed.

Leo sat up and got off the bed, his low cut pajama bottoms highlighting the glorious indentations above his hipbones. He reached down, picking up his wrinkled t-shirt off the floor. Quickly, Leo put it on, and I laughed almost too loudly. I didn't get a chance to see the shirt last night in my rush to take it off, and now I wished I had. It would have totally contradicted his argument about being good despite our bond together.

"What?" He smirked at me.

"Bad Angel? Really, is that some kind of twisted joke?"

Leo pulled the dark green t-shirt out from the hem and stared at the words. He chuckled. "Yeah, I know. I' m a hypocrite. Sue me!" Leo leaned down and gave me a peck on the cheek. "I'll see you downstairs, okay."

I smiled, and he whisked himself out of the door.

I hope you enjoyed it! Now, post one for your blog!


  1. Good stuff, Melissa! I love the picture at the top of the blog btw.

  2. Mmmm... Leo sounds pretty hot :-)

  3. Cheers! Nicely done. I agree, Leo does sound hot!

  4. Thanks a lot everyone!!! And...He is hot! If you can only see him in my imagination!

  5. Wow...all that's missing is a picture of the hotness that is Leo! ;)

    Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great entry for the challenge. I agree that Leo sounds hot and I love the tree you have in your header. :)

  7. Ooo nice! I'm intrigued. Will you be posting more? ;-)

  8. Courtney:
    Yes. I have my page 99 test in a previous March blog. Check it out!

  9. Very well done. I think most of us harbor a Leo in our imaginations. :)

  10. Man, I know it's already been said, but HELLO LEO =)

  11. This is good, and to quote Sara "Hello Leo" whoa was he hot. I'm glad I got to this, I just got mine posted last night right before closing, and have finally gotten around to everyones posts. This was so good, I really like Leo ^-^

  12. Is Leo busy on Friday night? Whooohooo.