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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Rejection sticks! Yea...hardly news, right. However, when faced with the rejections that are inevitably going to come, you have to remember what started the writing in the first place. The IDEA!

Go back to the idea and make it better. Get a critique partner or two. Join an online support group. REWRITE. Rework the query or opening pages.

But the main thing to remember is the IDEA. You thought it was good enough to start writing the story, have faith in it now!

Publishing is a two way street. Agents and Editors need to have a sellable manuscript and you have to provide them with the sellable idea in that manuscript!

Happy Writing!


  1. Thanks for the positivism! (if that's even a word :)

  2. Hi, Melissa, just began following you today. I follow a couple of other writers, too.

    As far as rejection, yes. Sucks an egg. And it's true the idea was where you started. Rewriting is the key. And I rewrite the poo out of my stuff. Just never know what will hit an agent in the right way.

    I've written for 30+ years, and have one book that is self-published and no I'm not doing that again. Going to go with e-book publishers now. I just don't have time to spend on rejections from agents who (boo-hoo) can't find a buyer for my urban fantasies (vampire/werewolf,etc).

    Come visit my wild site if you'd like, and post a comment if you see something you like.

    I like your site for writers. I entered the contest "Dear Lucky Agent", naturally, I lost.
    Have a good one and happy writing--which I need to go and do.(:

  3. Thanks Lorilei! What's your blog site address? I will definitely check it out! Thanks for following! Consider doing the First Kiss Blogfest...I'd love to see what you come up with!