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Thursday, April 15, 2010


One thing I have learned as a writer:  The BEST ideas come at the craziest times.

I just had to share this.  I sat in one of the most comfortable spa pedicure chairs ever, watching According to Jim, and laughing hysterically as the technician scrubbed my worn heels when an idea for my next series leaped into my head.  Just as I thought the idea machine was running dry, the best idea exploded.  I don't want to share too much right now, but I am so excited about this idea, I'm sure the WIP will soon follow!

The BEST ideas come at the craziest times!!!  Lesson learned.


  1. lol

    I watch that show sometimes, even though my stepdad doesn't care for it. True, you never know when or where the next idea is going to come from and that is half the fun. Well, maybe one fourth.

  2. Don't forget Andrew's Bad Girl Blogfest Friday. I'm looking forward to reading your entry, Roland