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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Advice about Writer's Conferences??

Next week, I will be attending my very first Writer's Conference.  It's the Writer's League of Texas Agents' Conference, and I am scared to death!  I have no idea what to do.  If you have ever been to a conference and you have advice, please leave a comment!!

1)How do you pitch an agent?
2)What questions should I ask during my editor's consultation?
3)What are the dos and don'ts during the meet and greets?

Help a fellow writer out, please!!!!


  1. I wish I had some advice to you other than research pitches and stuff online. My first conference was Sirens, which was awesome with great authors but it didn't have pitch stuff or agents (or they didn't admit to being agents). So, I haven't gotten to do that stuff yet.

    Good luck to you and make sure to Have Fun!

  2. Funny you should ask that -- I recently attended a seminar on just that.

    (1) Do your homework and make a list beforehand of everyone you're interested in connecting with, and where you think you can connect -- seminar, presentation, lunch. Make notes

    (2) Figure out which presentations you want to attend.

    (3) Have the "elevator pitch" ready -- one or two sentences, like "My book is a middle grade about a girl whose parents are getting a divorce and who wants to go to music camp."

    (3)Have a "one sheet" write up about any work you want to pitch:

    a blog on it awhile back, so if you go to:
    www.awaywithwordswriting.wordpress.com and click on "How to Write a One-Shhet Book Proposal" under the Marketing category, you will find more information.

    Email me, I probably have more in my notes somewhere


  3. More: Bring a notebook to take notes. Bring something (like a zipper pouch) to hold all the business cards you'll get. Bring business cards to hand out -- vista print will do them free --
    after the conference, organize your notes,
    make note of any needed follow up,
    send a quick note to each contact you've made.

    Margaret Fieland

  4. Great Advice, Margaret! Thanks!

    Thanks for the well wishes, Dawn!

  5. I can only agree with the above advice; just be ready to learn.

    Martin Rus

  6. My first time at a conference also. I am not a bit scared as I have no idea what to do one way or the other.

    H - Austin

  7. My first conference also. I am not a bit scared as I do not know anything about this opportunity one way or the other.
    H - Austin

  8. John,

    So glad to hear I'm not alone. Read Margaret's advice. Then, I found a great website that has networking & pitching advice:

    Check it out!

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