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Sunday, June 27, 2010

WLT Conference Update!

Wow! What a whirlwind weekend at the Writer's League of Texas!  I am exhausted and so excited about all the buzz surrounding my book and the energetic, friendly writers I met while at the conference.  First, THANK YOU to the board and volunteers of the WLT.  You put on a fantastic Agents & Editors Conference in Austin the past three days.  The agents and editors were accessible and so, so friendly! 

As many of you remember, I was totally freaked out about the possibility of meeting agents that I begged for advice!  Many of you, my dedicated blog readers, gave such great advice!  All of which I followed to a tee. Well, I have to say that the agents and editors in attendance were AWESOME! As I pitched my manuscript to them, they listened intently, asked great questions about my characters and plot, and were as excited as I was about my manuscript.  Although my manuscript is an angel book, all of them told me the book premise sounded fresh and new, with great parallels and marketing strategy.  I have three requests for materials from three fantastic agents!

At the beginning of June, I submitted my first pages for an editor's consultation. I was itching for feedback on this fourth draft of my beginning (and that means I had completely rewritten my beginning 4 times, not just revised!).  The editor said it was very promising, loved my characterization and voice right away!  She has requested the manuscript! YAY!  I think what I was excited about the most was it seemed that this new beginning was spot on!  Whew!   I'm glad because I liked it, too!  It's fun and light-hearted as the reader learns about the main protagonist and her best friend. Also, I'm excited that the editor and I talked so excitedly about the characters and what would happen to them throughout the book!  I would LOVE to work with her!

So, who knows what will come about from these great contacts in the weeks ahead! But what I do know is it was well worth the money to go and meet some fabulous people in the industry!  Everyone should try to get to a conference!!

The last thing I want to mention is the fabulous writers I've met!  Some have novels complete, some are just starting out with their manuscripts.  Everyone was so nice and excouraging to me, and I just have to say thanks to them.  Email me everyone so we can stay in contact!  Big Shout outs to Joanna, Darlene, Michael, Jourden, Howard, Tiffany, Melissa, Liz, Ernie, and Christopher!

I will be posting many blogs in the coming weekends from the notes I took at the various panels. Thanks for reading and leave me a comment!!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm going to get to meet up with some authors in Tokyo later this year, and I really hope to be able to attend a conference in the West sometime too.

  2. Oh Melissa, that is so great. I am thrilled that everything went well. I am anxiously awaiting your new posts. I am exited about when I go to a conference. Most of them are far away for me, but I will find one close to home sooner or later.

    Best wishes.

  3. Thanks Regina! you should really try hard to attendone. It's great to get face time with agents. Sometimes your personality wil win them over and they request material is the idea is even remotely interesting. I will be blogging up at storm soon, so stay tuned!!

  4. Hey, Melissa! I am so excited to see where this takes you! I have such high hopes for you!


  5. Thanks, Joanna! It was great meeting you!

  6. Sounds like you had a blast. =). I heard from your blog about the free online conference that is to take place. I think I might sign up for that. I haven't decided yet. Love the blogs, though! I'm passing on a blogging award to you. Check out mine and Kathryn's blog for details.

  7. Melissa, It was great to meet you. I enjoyed our discussions at the conference and look forward to seeing you again some time down the road. Howard