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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekly Chapter Challenge Update!

It's been a few weeks since I've written an update on my Weekly Chapter Challenge!  Sorry about that everyone. 

I have finished my edits and revisions to SOLSTICE.  The manuscript has been sent to an editor and three agents from the WLT Agents Conference.  I have also sent out eight queries to other agents from my list.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that something will pan out.

I have completed about 5,000 more words on my current WIP, LOVESTRUCK.  It has been coming along nicely.  I am hoping that once I'm through one more chapter, my BETA BUDDIES will start critiquing it for me.  I learn so much through conversations I have with them.  It definitely keeps me focused. 

I have finished critiquing Margo's WIP, which is Fabulous!!!  I can't wait to start her new one that she just finished.  I have also started a critique on Shannon's WIP.  I love learning new tricks from reading others' work.  Things that I myself have wrestled with in my own writing.  I am a stickler for characterisation, and these ladies have great characters and dialogue!  I have to feel connected!

So, there's the update!  Catch you all on the flip side!


  1. Hi, Melissa! How was the conference? I really wanted to go, but wasn't able to due to a wedding.

  2. EJ,

    It was great! Will definitely go again.

  3. Goo luck with those queries/MSs out in the world!

  4. Hooray for the 5,000...And good luck with the queries.