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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It can be so easy to become jaded, especially in the publishing world. We write, rewrite, edit, and re-edit into total insanity. Then, when the manuscript isn't snagged, we start all over or abandon it. Sound familiar?  Ever hear that too much a good thing is bad for you? Sometimes I feel like my creativity is just sucked right out of me when I overwhelm myself with the process.  I do too much!

How do we as writers lose that jaded feeling?  How can we get out of the funk and produce better novels?

I might have an answer.  It's more about quality than quantity. Let me explain...

Often I hear you can get better at writing by writing often, every day even. But, I stepped back from that and thought; is it really writing everyday or writing smarter everyday?  Sometimes you need time to just think, research, learn craft, or sketch. If your writing in first person, you have to have time to get into that character's head.

So, to avoid getting jaded, I've learned to stop and savor the journey I'm on.  Take some time to live in my novel, with my characters, and produce more quality writing.  I'm normally an infectiously happy person, but this is something I struggle with everyday. I have to remind myself why I write. Why I care so much. Then, I slow myself down and get real with my manuscript.

Have you ever been jaded?


  1. All the time. Some good advice, cheers.
    Moody Writing

  2. Definitely! Jaded and just... knocked down. I get in those horrible moods where I think "Why am I writing? This story's been told before, and better! Besides, I'm not going to get published anyway..." Which I guess borders more on depression that being jaded, but it starts there at least!

    - allison writes

  3. Hi! Just stopping by from the A to Z Challenge!