Leo's Angel Oak Tree

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I write paranormal romances so I have an affinity for romance scenes, especially the ones that involve kissing. To kiss someone leaves you vulnerable and gives you a sense of connectedness.  A kiss can be very emotional and could also give the reader of sense of several emotions. 

The way a character kisses someone tells a lot about the characters mind frame in that moment.  Hard, aggressive kissing could show frustration, anger, or control.  A tender, gentle kiss could tell the reader the character is simple, sensitive, or sad. Kissing tells more about the scene than mere desire.

In my opinion, the only bad kissing scenes in novels are the ones that end too early! = )

For you kiss-aholic readers, here's a scene from one of my WIPs.  See what the character is saying with this kiss.

Before I made it to the bed, Leo rolled over to the edge and pulled me to him.  He stood up and every connecting point on our bodies clung together.  I caressed his skin with my fingertips.  Oh, how I loved the feeling of him pressed against me. His lips found purchase in mine and before I had a minute to breathe in his sweet scent, Leo gripped my hips and hoisted me into the air.  My legs wrapped around his midsection, and I felt his muscles contracting against my inner thighs.  Leo carried me to the closest wall and backed me up against its hard surface without ever letting his lips slow their rhythm.  He pressed himself against me in order to keep me right where he wanted me, and I ran my fingers through his tousled auburn hair.  I needed to come up for air. Any minute I would spontaneously combust. 


  1. Wow, that's just...wow. Great stuff. You'll undoubtedly be a hit with your audience when you reach it, that's for sure! And it's also great to learn that there are various degrees of kissing which tie directly in with the emotional status of one's characters. Thanks for sharing!