Leo's Angel Oak Tree

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I couldn't let the letter L pass without honoring my favorite character, Leo St. Clare.  Leo is the reason why I write. His voice came through my unconsciousness so loudly that I felt like he was there in the room with me.  I jumped out of bed, rushed to my computer, and started typing.  All the while, he was speaking to me this story. Six months later, SOLSTICE became a completed manuscript. 

I recently thought about my inspiration for Leo.  I didn't really have one at first.  He always had a shape in my head.  I could see his face very clearly, even his build and the way he walked.  But, it wasn't until I began to explore his character more that I realized some deep secrets.

(Those of you who have read all my excerpts and short passages about LEO and have swooned.  You'll like getting to know him a little better)

Here are ten things you don't know about LEO ST. CLARE:

1)Aerosmith is his favorite band.
2)He once tried broccoli, but couldn't stomach eating something that looked like a small angel oak.
3)Leo has a small scar above his right eyelid.  (His sister, Sophia, has a great right hook.)
4)He prefers all white linens and is immaculately clean and organized.
5)He has a great singing voice.
6)His first fight with a Death Demon was at the age of nine.  He won!
7)He feels most at home in NYC.
8)He swims every morning.
9)His favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs.
10)He's only been in love once.

Here is a little description of him:
The face staring back at me stole my breath. It clung to my throat refusing to budge. There were high cheekbones, a chiseled jaw line, and the cutest nose I had ever seen. It was like a male model from the GQ catalog I was reading had leaped off the pages and came to sit and chat.

His hair, the color of the russet autumn leaves, complimented his skin tone perfectly. His black ribbed t-shirt wrapped tightly to his chest, and the darkness of his attire made his eyes pop. It was very hard not to notice the blueness, like the pureness of the sky was poured into these two sockets and heaven had lit them on fire. I stopped breathing altogether.Before I could follow his gaze, he gripped my hand and stood up. I
immediately noticed how muscular he was, tall with elongated muscles like a swimmer. Hot! 

So, I hope you enjoyed my little expose of LEO.  What are ten things we don't know about your favorite character?


  1. Hi - stopping by to visit from A to Z! It's been so great meeting other writers through this challenge! Enjoyed your character description of Leo ;-)

  2. Wow! Leo sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing-- and thanks for the kind words on TC McKee's site!

  3. #1 makes me think Leo and I would be best friends.

  4. Hi nice to meet you, I saw you need a number 100 and I do love that number so I thought I would come and play with you : I like leo, he is sure different than Minnie! Have a great week-end.

  5. Siv, thanks for being my 100th Follower!!

  6. Allison,

    Leo loves Aerosmith! His favorite song is "Love in an Elevator". Strange choice for an angel, but he owns it.

  7. I'm wishing I could see more of Leo - hint, hint. :)

    Great descriptions!

  8. I like that Leo comes with a flaw (the scar), and I enjoyed the description. I like the 10 things idea.

    Good luck on the rest of the A to Z Challenge!