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Monday, July 25, 2011



This is a wonderful idea on how to get the support and encouragement of NANOWRIMO anytime you want it!! It is the brain child of Ali Cross (http://www.alicross.com/2011/02/introducing-ninja-novel-writing-month_03.html).  Please, join the dojo and gets some writing done!! Let me know if you join(in the comments section) and I'll follow you! 

Below is the introduction blog from Ali's Blog:

Introducing: Ninja Novel Writing Month!

YOU are a writing ninja.

You train until your writing muscles are weary and your brain just can't take any more.

Then you train some more.

You often work under the cover of darkness.

You kill your darlings.

Slit the throats of your beautiful, drippy prose.

Slash pages and pages of useless stuff.

And you murder your story. In a totally good way, of course.

But while ninjas often work alone, they train in a dojo, with other ninjas who are all working toward the same goal--ultimate skill and perfection.

I love National Novel Writing Month. I love knowing I'm slaving away next to other worthy writers. Their presence and commitment keeps me going, pulls me through my dark times and pushes me toward the finish line--that magical place called THE END.

But NaNo only comes along once a year, which is really, really sad.

Enter: Ninja Novel Writing Month.

When you're ready to throw some words down, don't do it alone! Grab a badge (from the dojo page), and add your blog to the Mr. Linky on the dojo page. That way, everyone can know who's training at the dojo and writing a novel. (note: NiNo ReMo is coming soon! That's Ninja Novel REVISING month!)
For instance, say you wanted to write a novel in February. You'd post a button on your page and invite others to join you. You'd let me know and I'd add your Mr. Linky code to the dojo page on my site here under the title FEBRUARY NINJAS. That way, anyone can join you, train with you, or cheer you on.

This dojo is always open. There are always ninjas here to write with you--you don't ever have to train alone!
Welcome to the dojo, fellow ninjas!

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