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Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Bella


I chose Bella Swan from Twilight as my MEMORABLE CHARACTER for the letter B because she truly is memorable. I hear so many people putting Bella in a category as a weak character, but she isn't.  I also read countless articles about why other characters from other best-selling novels are stronger. They're called The Anti-Bella.  But, in my opinion, that's comparing apples to oranges.  Those characters are under different circumstances or stresses. I don't believe we as readers should ever tear down another character to make another one seem more important. Twilight is a romance novel. One of the keys to a good romance novel is that the character fears the loss of this amazing, life-changing love they've discovered. Doesn't that describe Bella's motivations?

Bella is a strong, memorable character because so many women can connect to her passion for first love, and how she would do anything to keep that relationship safe.  When Bella is introduced in the first chapters of Twilight, I got a good sense of her background.  She's always had to be the adult in her relationship with her mother.  She's made the decisions even down to financial decisions.  She cooked, paid the bills, and lectured her mother on dating.  How many teenagers nowadays can do that?  Not many.  She is fiercely independent, so when she moves to Forks, it's her decision.  This is the first time she's had a parent who she can depend on.  That's the beauty of Charlie and Bella's relationship.  So to call her weak is just wrong!

I think we can all relate to the first time we fall in love.  It's a powerful thing.  Bella is swept up into this world where she's the vulnerable one which is all new to her.  Yet, she's a fighter.  I think people forget the true Bella character when matched to an actor or movie.  Go back to the books and really understand her. 

This is the reason why Bella is my pick for MEMORABLE CHARACTERS DAY 2!


  1. I agree that people do miss Bella Swan's strengths, but her weaknesses really do annoy me. Part of that, I think, is good. I mean, if you have to have a choice between a girl who is too perfect or a girl's flaws, I'd rather have the flaws. Any day. I still think Stephenie Meyer wrote the wrong story. When she got to Jasper, she should have tabled Twilight. Jasper's story is superior in terms of plot, conflict--everything. (And I'm not "Team Jasper" or anything)

    I would have to say my favorite "B" would be Beatrice from "Much Ado about Nothing."

  2. Having not read Twilight or seen the films, I'm not sure I can accurately weigh in on the topic. Besides, my knowledge of her is contingent on bloggers and co-workers and film critics and comedians, and thus not as well informed.