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Friday, April 6, 2012



Frannie is described as a good catholic girl with a wicked streak, and I'd have to agree.  She definitely has the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other.  What I love about her, though, is her ability to not make up her mind.  I know that sounds strange, but how would you do when you have Heaven  and Hell both vying for your soul...and perhaps your heart. 

Frannie's redeaming quality is her love of fun and her love of humbleness.  Her heart is always tugging her in different directions, especially when it comes to Luc and Gabe.  She's always pushed people away, been kind of a loner, but Luc's magnetism is just too much for her.  Then, Gabe swoops in and causes Frannie so much distress.  Just when she figures things out, she learns something that could knock everything right off balance again. 

I love this series so far.  The third and final book in the trilogy, Last Rite, will be out in May!  Check it out!


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