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Monday, April 9, 2012



Okay, I couldn't decide!  They are both fantastic, complex, rich characters.  So, today, I thought we would honor one boy and one girl character.
Harry is one of a kind.  He's a hero but a tortured one.  When he thinks about himself, he is unsure, insecure, and dependent.  But his actions speak louder than his words.  When needed, he takes action, develops plans, and is a force to be reckoned with.  I love how Harry grows up in front of our eyes.  From the first book to the last book, Harry truly goes through a character transformation.  In the end, he realizes it's up to him to defeat Voldemort.  Only he can!  Harry is funny, wild, daring, competitive, and loving.  He's the ultimate character in my opinion.

But let's not forge the female equivalent to Harry.  For me, it's Hermione! in the first book, Hermione overcompensates for insecurity by having to know everything about everything.  This made her intriguing, and a little annoying, in the beginning. Then as the story progressed, Hermione becomes more risky, daring, and self-confident.  To me, she's the moral compass of the three leads.  Her heart is big and she's an activist. 

I just love both of them.  My favorite Harry moment?  Probably when he catches the Golden Snitch for the first time.  My favorite Hermione moment?  Definitely when she comes down in her Yule Ball dress.  Ron and Harry are totally gobsmacked (like my British word there?) and she gets the most desirable date.  Way to go, Hermione!

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  1. I think I would rather hang out with Hermione.