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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for ALEX

Happy A-Z Blogging Challenge Launch Day, everyone! I loved completing this challenge last year, and so, I have decided to go again.  The theme for this month's posts will be...Memorable Characters from Children's and YA literature.  Also, I must match a character with the letter of the day.  That should become quite interesting as the month progresses. 

Day 1: A

There are so many great characters whose names start with the letter A.  There's Alex Rider (Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz), Allie Anderson (Other Side of Forever by Shannon Eckrich) , Alice Cullen (Twilight by Stephenie Meyer), or Aden (Intertwined by Gena Showalter). However, the name that leapt into my brain when I came up with this crazy theme was the one and only ALEX FUENTES from Simone Elkeles's Perfect Chemistry.

What makes Alex Fuentes a memorable character is his personality.  He's cocky and arrogant with this underlining sensitivity.  When I read this book for the first time, Alex was like no other character I had read before. He exploded from the page and snatched my heart!

Sure, he's a gang member, sexist, and naughty (a cliche bad boy), but it's what's underneath that drew him in more clearly for me.  He's a family man.  He feels responsible to take care of his mother and two other brothers.  He doesn't want them to have his life of violence and struggle.  In fact, he'd do absolutely anything to keep that from happening.

He's a lover.  He's tender and reflective. Alex adores this selfish, snobby girl he's paired with in Chemistry class.  He's borderline obsessed with her and how her life is very different than what she protrays at school.  She is his match in every way.  His gang member profile is a ruse, too.  And he gets it in his head that they will save each other. 

Reading Alex's chapters in this book made me root for this loveable character in more ways that one, but it's the twist of Alex's existence that makes him the PERFECT Memorable Character!


Stay tuned for B! Who do you think it will be? 

Happy Sunday!


  1. I was recently talking to a friend about not knowing who any of the younger actors/characters on TV shows are. A sign of age, I suppose! Good luck with the challenge, and with the agent hunt!

  2. Great theme for the challenge. Good luck with your agent search.

  3. Can't wait to read about more characters! Thanks for the pics too - ooo la la! Good luck A to Z-ing!

  4. Dude. I LOVE Alex Fuentes. LOVE him. Great choice for a memorable character! And what a great theme!

  5. And now I need a cold shower ... haha ... oh wait ... that's what guys do, right? Nice pictures! :)