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Wednesday, April 11, 2012



Jace Wayland is probably the most irresistible character I've read in a really long time. Jace is one of the main protagonists in Cassandra Clare's THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series. 

Jace is a teenage Shadow Hunter who discovers that the father he knew and loved wasn't really his father.  Jace has a total identity crisis, but still in his heart of hearts remains true to his values.  What I love about Jace Wayland is his cockiness.  Jace is a charmer, and can make you laugh with his sarcastic sense of humor. 

My favorite Jace quote: *Paraphrasing* Jace and Clary go to a Catholic church where Clary finds out that religious dwellings offer Shadow Hunters storage for weapons.  As Jace is throwing daggers, seraph blades, holy water, etc into his pack, Clary says, "Jesus Christ, Jace!" and his reply, "I don't think he'll fit in my pack." 

That whole section had me laughing hysterically!  Jace doubts his goodness, but know that he is a survivor and a protector.  He'd do anything, give up anything to protect Clary.  This makes him very hard to beat, in my opinion!


June is the other protagonist in the book, LEGEND, by Marie Lu.  June is a prodigy.  The only person to ever score a perfect rating on her trial.  She's a legend at the Republic's Military Academy.  Top of her class, and record breaker of performance.  The two people she compares herself to: her brother, Metias, and the most wanted criminal, Day. But when Day becomes the prime suspect for murdering her brother, June will risk anything to have her revenge.

She is so smart, it's almost a disadvantage, because when she starts to discover some truths about her precious Republic, she doesn't know how to react.  When her emotions are involved, she's weaker. 

What I loved about June is how strong she was as a character.  She held her own against Day in the book.  She's a fighter!

I'll say it again, check out LEGEND by Marie Lu if you haven't read it yet. 

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  1. Thanks for describing these books! I confess that I started Cassandra C's novel, but got distracted! I guess I should pick it up again. especially since I heard her speak at an SCBWI conference on love triangles, which I thought was a great talk. I'm also writing YA. My futuristic thriller, Fireseed One just came out. I'm over from A to Z so please pop on over of you like! (Catherine Stine's Idea City). Cheers!