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Saturday, April 21, 2012



I was going to choose another character for R since I already have done three characters from The Hunger Games.  Well, my students, who have been weighing in on my character choices, gave me a list of their favorite characters that begin with R.  Rue, the district 11 tribute, was at the top of their list. 

Rue is really a special character. Where Katniss is the strength of the novel, Rue is the heart.  She the catalyst for the rest of the series, although she doesn't appear past book one. She is the spark of the uprising. Katniss is the symbol.

Rue hails from District 11, the agriculture district.  She is gifted with climbing and evasion.  Rue loves music, and sings or whistles all the time.  She is smart, a healer, and most important, a child. 

She is the innocence of the novel. Pure of heart and soul, her death is shocking, appalling, and even sparks an outrage within each reader. 

Rue is a memorable character and deserves the spotlight for the letter R!

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