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Sunday, April 22, 2012



Simon, Simon, Simon! I absolutely love the character of Simon Lewis from THE MORTAL INSTRUMENT series by Cassandra Clare. In all of his geekiness lies a character that makes me smile.  From the t-shirts he wears to his multiple attempts to name his rock band, Simon warms my heart.

He's your average teenage boy.  He loves music, hanging out with his buddies, and crushin' on his closest friend, Clary.  He gets tied up into the Shadow World because of his friendship to Clary, who is a Shadow Hunter.  He doesn't want to be involved but he just can't stand the way that Jace looks at Clary.

Simon goes through a lot, even being turned into a rat at a Down World Party, but he stands firm with the belief that he loves Clary and wants to protect her.

 For those who have not read the series, I won't spoil Simon's fate for you. He has many ups and downs in the series, but he remains one of the most memorable characters in all of YA!

Currently, THE CITY OF BONES (TMI book one) is being casted for the motion picture.  I'm interested in seeing who will be cast as Simon.  Some favor Logan Lermann to play Simon.  That's if you go on appearance alone.  I don't care who they cast, but there is one consideration for me.  If the actor can't act with sarcasm and pure goodness, he won't be my Simon!

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