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Monday, May 28, 2012

Motivational Monday!

Hey there, everyone! Here's a little something to give you some motivation.  Let it inspire you to keep going, or give the kick in the pants you need!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hello! Today I wanted to share some fantastic news from my school.  Our YWP (Young Writers Program) have published their first novels, written during NANOWRIMO! The kids were so excited to see their names and publishing seals on those books today.  Below is the news clipping from our school district website (http://www.scuc.txed.net/news.cfm?story=1362&school=0). Join me in giving a Writing Community cheer to these young novelists!

Sippel Young Writers’ League members publish their first novel

This year, John A. Sippel Elementary School Young Writers’ League participated in the National Novel Writing Month Challenge (or NANOWRIMO). This competition challenges each young writer to pledge the month of November to pen a novel in 30 days. Yes, you read that right…30 days! Each writer gets to choose their own, workable word count goal from 1000-50,000 words. If the student completes their word count goal, they are validated as winners and receive a prize package including seeing their novel published.
Led by Fourth Grade Teachers, Melissa Dean and Sarah Reed, Sippel Stallions pledged to write a combined total of 167,500 words in 30 days. By beginning with the end in mind, being proactive, and synergizing their efforts, The Sippel YWP made this November’s NANOWRIMO writing challenge a huge success. Forty students surpassed their word count goals, and by month’s end, had written 202,763 words. That means that 40 Sippel Stallions will have their novels published.
Greatly supported by Sippel Elementary Principal, Mrs. Kelley Mosley, students were given Workday Tuesdays afterschool to collaborate with teachers and other writers on ideas and plot points. Weekly Updates on the team’s word count goals were announced on the PA system and a team bulletin board in the Fourth Grade Hall displayed their progress. Everyone from Administration, faculty, and parents cheered on these young novelists all the way across the goal line. Students even received weekly pep talk emails from some very famous authors like Christopher Paolini (Eragon series) and Aly Condie (The Matched series).
This program could not have been as successful without the encouragement and financial support of the SCUC Education Foundation who awarded the Sippel Young Writers’ League a 2010 Innovative Teaching Grant for $5,000 to purchase iPad 2s and iPod Shuffles. This technology has helped so many students to realize their dream of being published novelists.
The Sippel Young Writers’ League has completed the publishing process. Students will receive five paperback copies or one hardback copy of their novel. They will celebrate with an Author’s Day for the community during the last week of school.
Posted: May 22, 2012